Monday, July 31, 2017

Christ-like Attributes (week 40)

HEY MUCHACHOS!!! ¿Como Estan?

Before I begin I just wanna say that I have 19 years now :)
Hahahah this week was a lot better....we are making some progress slooooooowly but surely :) 

Something I wanna talk about real quick before I forget is that my hearing aid is back in Pasto from Bogota soooo yeah, the LZ are leaving tomorrow for a leadership meeting in Cali so Elder Florez is gonna come get me reaaaal early. I am not really excited though I have to have it reprogrammed so I get take the EXAMS....AGAIN, this is literally the 5th time in my mission ugh. 

My birrrrrrthday was gooooood!!! I was just casually chilling in the shower when I heard "BOOOOOOOM" "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" "BOOOOOOOOOOOM" and I was like "what is Elder Galvez doing" and then I heard Elder Corbett's voice start to sing and I was like "ohhhhhhhhhhhh hecccccccccccccccccccck no!" Hahahahah so I hurried out of the shower and everyone was there and they all had cake for me and it was a good 10 minute party! They would start singing in Spanish and then Elder Corbett would shout "REMIX" and then they would start singing in English hahahah it was good!

In the ward we started a weekly activity to help our investigators feel welcome in the chapel. We planned a scavenger hunt and divided everyone into 2 groups....and tied everyone together while they went to find clues...(they were scriptures) at the end the last clue lead to this rock at the top of the hill next to the church and everyone was trying to move this rock to find "the golden plates". Then Elder Florez stood on the rock and was like "you're trying to find material things...but the real reward is eternal life" and everyone was "aaaaahhhhhhhh c'mon!!!" It was pretty awesome.

Our investigators are doing good.....we are making progress with the Santa Cruz family!! And Yamile said that she wants Daniel to get baptized on his birthday in August!! we are struggling with Pricilla but we will get there!!

Interviews were sooooo good!!! I love President and Hermana Whitesides and I feel like I can be myself around them :) They are lot more chillaxed then President and Hermana Pricoli. But something that Hermana Whitesides said in her interview with me thaaaaaaaaaaaat I loved is "it's important that we develop the attributes of Jesus here in the when we go home people can see that....even though we don't have our name tag they can see in our hearts" annnnnnnnnnd woooooooah that's teeeeeenaz the truth. That's my goal after the mission to be a more patient Christ like person....soooo CHALLENGE pick an attribute of Christ and study the scriptures and make a plan to develop this attribute!!! You got this!

Loooooooooooooooove you guys so much, sorry this was short my pictures took their sweet time!!
Elder Olsen


Getting ready for the ward activity!

The ward activity

Mucho Elder Leon

Baptism in Bachue

The district singing to me

My birthday cake

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