Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Expectations from Heavenly Father...Expectations from Myself (week 39)


This week was kinda hard...lots of things made it difficult. For starters, we lost our baptism date which bloooooooooooooows but it happened. Prisilla thinks that her baptism date is too soon, soooo yeah we have to work haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard with her. We always make appointments and then they are never ever there and then we go visit their family store and ask Johanna's boyfriend where they are at.....and he never knows, and he always acts grouchy because he doesn't like his girlfriend and her daughter talking to a bunch of young boys (caaaaaaaaaaaan't even).

We are making progress with the family Santa Cruz though!!! Like I said before the dad is coming back to church and progressing.....the mom is a little tougher but I have faith. Maria Fernanda is doing really good....she went to some YSA activity and made friends with a member and we have ran into them hanging in the street sooooo thats good!! I really wanna meet the other daughter..I guess she is really into anime and studies Japanese and has plans to move there after shes done with high school......I guess Hermana Sandra tried to visit her and she hid under her bed for the hour she was there.

OHHHHHH Elder Florez and I went to my new audiologist!!! It was good....but she is from the coast so I cannot understand a word that she says because she talks soooooooooooooo fast ugggghno. But my hearing aid is currently being fixed in Bogota and we need to call the 27 to see if it's back in Pasto or not but I am crossing my fingers.

John and I have a few (lol alot) of rough patches this week, we both have had things that we struggle with and need to fix....but its been hard!! I have been trying my hardest to have patience, and in some situations I have very much succeeded and in others nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope!!! We are better now but I don't know we will see how that all works out.

Today was eeeeehhhhh Elder Galvez literally had to convince to get out of bed soooooo if that does not explain the kinda morning I had I do not know what will. Then we played soccer and kickball as a district.....Elder Florez kept on asking me "are you sick....something is wrong....whats wrong Elder Olsen" and I just sat there like "nooooooooooooooooooooooothing" buuuuuut yeah and then we ate with Hermana Lidia she made us hamburgers and they were actually pretty decent so that's fun. Then her daughter cut Elder Florezs and Elder Galvezs hair and yeah now we are here.

We have interviews with President this week so that should be fun. Hoping to get some packages buuuuuut we shall see. We also have to memorize article of faith numero 13 in preparation for interviews....I have most of it down but I still need to practice a little bit. But Elder Florez told me that he has heard lots of improvement in my Spanish since I started reading...I am currently in 2 Nephi 10....I think.....somewhere around there. I think I am gonna try to finish it with a pencil in my mouth....what a rad way to finish LDM for a second time in Spanish.

Sooooooooooo yeah...this week was rough PEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRO YO TENGO FE.....YO TENGO TODA LA FE!!!! If I am being honest I am not really looking forward to this week. I just don't feel like I am meeting expectations that have been made for me....but that's the great thing about missions it's a time of learning and growing. I have been reading my Patriarchal Blessing BASTANTE lately.....it paints a pretty clear picture of the things that my Heavenly Father wants me to learn during my time here, and I don't know.....I kinda just thought that I would learn those things without any part of my own.....and that was very ignorant of me. But yeah I'm going to make goals.....annnnd I have high expectations of myself sooooo I will meet my goals. That's the thing though when we have humility and we come to Heavenly Father he will tell us things we need to work on....the hard truth sucks but it is so important that we learn how to become more like our Heavenly Father in preparation to return to him. It's a big reason why we have our life on earth. Soooooo that's my challenge for you guys, seek revelation, find the things that he wants you to work on.....and if necessary CHANGE some things. I promise things will be better if you do :)


Love those volcano cotton candy Pasto skies!

With the LZ with hermana lidia and Hermano Lucho Montenegro


(Garrett wrote another handwritten letter and asked me to put it on the blog! He has terrible handwriting so forgive me as I misspell all of these Colombian words and areas!) 
Unpacking my Adjectives: Mariluz

So it's Sunday night and I have literally no photos...again so I figured I would write something to make things more interesting and give you guys some more details about my area. 

The Area:
Okay so we are apart of the Mariluz ward and it is divided into two areas, Mariluz 1 and Mariluz 2, we are Mariluz 2. Because our area used to be the sisters area it is tiny and the area that the zone leaders have (Mariluz 1) is huuuuuge! We have Barrios (or neighborhoods) Mariluz 3, Gualcalona 1, Guacaloma 2 (okay we have all the Guacaloma's), Colon Sindamanoy, Anganoy, Panoramico 1, 2, and 3, San Vicente, Rosates 1, 2, and 3, and a tiny part of Las Alcacias. So yeah that's our area...it's not very big but it feels bigger because it's all uphill. Our area is literally the mountain...well, that's a lie our area is literally the volcano (it's active and everything!).  Our area is pretty safe the only place we kinda have to avoid is all the "panaramico" neighborhoods during the night! They are a little sketchy...but this place is soo safe compared to just about everywhere in Cali so don't worry about me mom ;) 

Pasto Culture:
I wanted to write about the few differences in culture here in Pasto compared to Cali...
1) The Spanish here is very different...and if I am being honest I like it tons better. It's a lot slower and there is a lot less slang. People here say the word "pues" a lot...translated it's kinda like "well" or "hmmm". So when people say "pues si" it's kinda like saying "well yeah". They also add "ito" a lot to the end of words...it just means it's something smaller. For example saying something like "do you want aguita" is like saying "do you want a little bit of water" The Spanish here is different but I like it. 
2) The "cold"...everyone here thinks it's freezing cold but not really. It's exactly like Utah spring weather! If it's windy then yeah it's cold buuut only then. The weather is pretty unpredictable Here so I always have a short sleeve white shirt and a sweater because one minute it's perfect and then BOOM, tons of wind and tons of rain. I love the weather here though and it's tooons better for my hearing aid. 

The Ward:
I love the Mariluz ward! All the wards here in Pasto are pretty strong despite the missionary work being harder. People here are very good about working together, they are very committed to helping us. Especially the youth...we ALWAYS have somebody from the young men's group with us. Roger has his mission call to the Mexico Tijuana mission so he is always teaching with us. Jose (Hermana Lidia's son) always helps us when Roger can't. Hermana Lidia, the Morales family (aunt and uncle of Sebastian), and the Montergro Family always help us plan family home evenings and activities to help our investigators...they are really helpful and we are lucky to have them. Julian Montengro is our ward mission leader. When I got to the area he had only been home for two or three weeks from the Peru Lima Central mission. He is a really good ward mission leader though and we have been planning lots of activities to help our investigators and the less actives.
Soo yeah there's a quick little rant about the area, I really like it here in Mariluz. It's a good area with tons of good people!

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