Monday, July 3, 2017

Actitud (week 36)


"OMG LOOK AT THE TIME ITS JULY!" Buuuuuut for real...I was telling Elder Corbett and Mendoza just today how much I really would rather just not be here for's seriously the best month because of candy, fireworks, birthdays, and perfect temperature without humidity, anddddd yeah.....I can physically feel my motivation this month slowly going away....we will see.

PRESIDENT WHITESIDES HAS ARRIVED....I have not met him yet but I am going too on Friday, soooo that should be fun.

As for this really was not all that interesting. We were really looking forward to the baptism, perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro no....Elder Corbett came to our area to have his interview but he did not pass. The sucky part was after that his aunt came downstairs all excited like "TELLLLL ME SOMETHING.....HOW DID IT GO" and yeah. It was also really complicated because President Pricoli was in meetings all day with President Whitesides...we finally got a hold of him but he was like "I am busy...bye." So Elder Flores had to arrange the interview with President will be on Friday after our conference, so fingers crossed.

Other than that we really did not do much this week....Hermano Montenegro moved so we were able to help him move all his suuuuuuuuper nice stuff from his old apartment in Mariluz 3 to Gualcaloma....and it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas haaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd, ohhhhhhh man!!! We were with a bunch of the young men carrying this dresser thing, and we were going up a hill so everyone went over to the other side of the dresser to lift it up more and left me on the bottom. Not only did I almost die...but a super nice and probs expensive dresser almost died too!! We talked a ton with Hermana Luisa....she is Hermano Montenegros niece (but let's be for real shes basically his 2nd child). She served her mission in Mexico and was like "I always had gringa companions" and gave me allllll this advice to improve my Spanish....which is how I got CONNED into helping her teach gospel principles this week....uggggggggghnoooo. 

Church was kinda rough...the LZ had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many investigators there (they all left early though so it doesn't count) but we had NOOOOOOOBODY.....which is soooooo hard and frustrating but it's whatever.

My investigators are doing very well.

Yamilet is always working but we were able to find time to watch Meet the Mormons with her and John. It's soooo weird in Spanish everyone has a different voice....except the people from Costa Rica which waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas weeeird hahahaha

We have working a ton with a new investigator.....his wife and son are two recent converts that the sisters have left us...he is GREAT. The problem is that he really likes alcohol....but I think we can help him. We knew he was gold when we asked to pray and he went STRAIGHT TO HIS KNEES.........fudge SSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

We have been working a lot with the family Ortiz, they are also some recent converts that the sisters left us. They are great and are progressing really well...unfortunately there was a slight bump in the road. Hermana Paula (the mom) had a talk and she did a bomb job but Hermana Lidia told us that at temple prep some lady in the ward was talking about how the talks were bad because the people only read their talks (lol what?) But yeah, that was right IN FRONT OF HER.....ugggggh nooooooooo. People need to just keep opinions like that to themselves.

Pday was great today we went and played soccer as a zone, but since it was with alllllll the Latinos I didn't do as well hahahahha xD It's always fun though and then we went to Metro (it's our Walmart) for a minute with Elder Corbett and Elder Mendoza which is always fun. Then Elder Galvez and I went to lunch which was good....Elder Galvez complained about it a ton but I enjoyed my fried chicken.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo was kinda a hard week but I am not gonna let that get to me....hopefully things go better this week and we can get our baptism. Something I have learned about the mission is that it is alllll about actitud. (like I said I am forgetting English xD) If you want things to go GOOD....make them good!! If you want SPIRITUAL goooooo get those spiritual experiences.....if you want it you got it. That's always been something I need to work on buuuuut imma do better. You guys do better too that's your challenge.....always take your hard situations and write about them with a good attitude in your challenge journal, things will change I promise.

I will be also be taking Aubrey's challenge this week (Aubrey please insert an explanation of your challenge here). (This week Garrett was kind of focusing on the hard things of his mission in his email to me. I challenged him to write down all of his blessings and the good things that are going on in his life and focus on them. He has also been worrying about not having an accent since he got on his mission, so I told him that every time he worries about not having an accent or every time he even thinks about accents to push it out of his mind and think about something else. I just want him to focus on how far his Spanish has come and not let the fact that he doesn't have an accent consume his thoughts.) Just thought I would tell you all so I can be held accountable


P.S I had a chichi (yes. Jarin that is how we use that word...either that or it means to pee.....not something else xD) computer this week so I will send photos next week....I didn't have a ton though soooooooo yeah :)

(Edit from 07/10/17: Garrett sent these pictures from this week today so I added them to this post!)
Watermelon with Roger

Sunday sonrisas with everybody!!

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