Monday, July 17, 2017

Set Plans. Make Goals. WORK HARD. (week 38)


Sounds like you all had a very exciting week.....I kinda did too...lots and lots of work but it's good to be busy!!

Sooooo before I begin writing about anything else I wanted to talk a bit about my hearing aid because literally everybody asked me about it. So basically what went down is that President called me and was like "we called your audiologist and talked to her secretary, but she has been out of town for a little while (she probs went to Bogota.....shes always in Bogota, RME). But Hermana Whitesides and I wanted you to know that we did not forget about you." Hahahah yeah so that's that!! Elder Florez has been super worried about me though so he took upon himself to find me an audiologist and he made me an appointment for tomorrow. He was like "I just need to get permission from President and after that we should be good" I caaaaaaanot even with this child hahahahahahahhahah we have lots of problems in the zone because Elder Mendoza has had to have lots of exams lately....and Elder Florez is having heart problems...and Elder Galvez lost his cedula (ID) and Elder Bishop is sick and I don't have a hearing aid. The LZ literally do not have any money because they are constantly paying for somebody's appointments....not only that but we have divisions every two seconds ugggggh I swear. Like today I had to take Elder Mendoza to get his x-rays taken and right now I am with Elder Gamboa while Elder Galvez is at migracion with Elder Florez, soooo yeah there's a rant xD

We are making lots of progress here in Mariluz....we have another fecha!!! Priscilla is the daughter of Johanna...a less active member who recently decided to come back to church, soooo yeah we have been teaching her daughter and getting her ready for baptism!!!

The family Santa Cruz randomly decided to come back to church as well, well the dad at least. They were inactive for ten years. Yeah so we visited them and the dad is soooo ready to come back to church but the mom is something else....she was like "I believe that you need to follow your heart and mind and one day in 2006 my mind was not in the church....but I always visit the church website and listen to general conference and do a ton of stuff members do not do." They have two daughters one is 19 and the other is 14 so our plan is to work hard with the whole family and hopefully get them all into church.

Sebastian is doing GREAAAAAAAAAT!!! And his mom is ready to be baptized but President Whitesides told us that we cannot baptize her because she lives in Bachue. Sebastian was a rare exception because he lives with his aunt half the time...the problem is that she had problems with members in Bachue and does not wanna go to church there....I don't know, I wanna help her but I do not know how!!

I asked Hermana Lidia if she knew how to make chicken empanadas anddddddddddddddddd she does!!!! She literally kept giving me more and more and mooooooooooore! I was like "mamita I cannot eat anymore" and she was like "no Elder Olsen you love empanadas here is another one!" I literally ate a thing of rice, a thing of sancocho and TEN....EN SEDIO TEN EMPANADAS! Ugggggh my poor stomach was not having it that day.

I am learning to really work hard.....I have had few problems with some of my new investigators not being able to UNDERSTAND ME. It's sooooooooo frustrating but Elder Florez has really been encouraging me to try and start reading LDM again with a pencil in my mouth. Right now I am in 1 Nefi Capitulo 17....I have not noticed much improvement yet buuuuuuut I have set goals, I am making plans and I am going to work hard. It's easy for us to take our challenges as something "too hard" but in reality our Heavenly Father gives us trials and adversity to help us learn and grow....I don't have perfect Spanish....and I am not going to if I do not take the time to practice, it's the same way with all things of life.

CHALLENGE......have the attitude, write your goals write your plans and think about the things you can learn from your challenges.

I love you all sooooo much....praying for you all not be stupid.

P.S Congrats to AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBREYYY AND DANESY for having the cutest baby evvvvvvvvvver!!! Proud of you guys!!!
(Insert picture of Adleigh here) (Happy to have any excuse to show off my baby!)

Now back to Garrett's pictures!


My case for my English scriptures....front and back!!!

 My cases for my Spanish scriptures front and back!!

We were knocking doors in Mariluz 3 and literally everybody has this sign on their door!!!

FACT: Mamita Lidia makes the best empanadas!!!

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