Monday, July 10, 2017

Potential (week 37)


Hey you guys!! So this week was actually pretty freaking great!! I have been so excited to finally be able to write about it!!

For starters I am sure you wanna know how meeting President and Sister Whitesides went......well I did not exactly make the first impression that I was wanting to. Sooooo basically MY HEARING AID BROKE AGAIN!! I was trying to change my wax guard when the stick thing broke inside the if that was not bad enough I tried to take it out with my hands because I have done it before, buuuut nope. Bad luck the whole guard FELL INSIDE THE HEARING AID....sooooo yeah. Before I even met Hermana Whitesides I called her on the phone to let her know that xD and then after our conference we were all eating cake when President Whitesides pulled me aside to talk about our options. That was great because literally everyone thought I did something really wrong buuuuuuuuuuut whatever....I like them though they seem really nice and genuine. Basically President is gonna call my doctor in Cali and ask if there is a good doctor here. I am kinda worried about that though because she is very much like "YOU NEED TO STAY IN CALI." Sooooooooooo yeah we will see how that turns out. President is awesome...he grew up in LAYTON so we had a nice chat about that area and how he worked for the church and a bunch of stuff. It was pretty cool that I was the only one to have interview with him.......but I wish my hearing aid was doing good.

After the conference Sebastian had his interview with President and that went FANTASTIC...and we were able to have his baptism the next day. It went really well, there was a ton of people there so we did not have enough chairs...he also talked about his desire to serve a mission so hopefully he does it!! I am pretty sure that Elder Corbett and Mendoza are gonna be teaching his parents, sooooo that should be good!!

I had divisions with Elder Mendoza in Bachue, that child really knows what he is I seriously cannot believe that he is still in his training because he taught really well. He kept saying that he needed help but that is a bunch of crap!!

We also had a family home evening with Luisa and Jose (Lidias son). Luisa invited some investigators but none of them showed up soooo we had a activity with us was good I talked about temptations and then we played bean boozled talking about how sometimes temptations look good....but in reality SUCK!! 

Today we just played soccer as a district and then went out with Elder Corbett and Elder Mendoza for Mexican was eeeehhh but it was fun to be with everyone. Elder Corbett and Elder Mendoza have had to come to our apartment every morning for the last little bit because the LZ didn't pay their water bill.....I am pretty sure our power is gonna go out soon cause the LZ did not pay that :/

Something that I really liked about what Hermana Whitesides said in her talk was POTENTIAL, that we all have so much potential.....and because we all made the choice to come on a mission we are creating so much more potential, not only for other people but also for ourselves. I have been tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worried about all the things that I do not have and I have not been thinking about the things that I DO SOOOOO BOMB AT. And that's the great thing about my mission....about my covenants......about this gospel, it's not really about what you are's about what you can become, not only that but also always trying to help others be their best selves as well. Hopefully I can keep up this state of mind because I really have not worried about much this week....yeah there was problems....but there is always gonna have problems :)

CHALLENGE....normally I would have you guys write about how you can use your potential well buuuuuuuut that's basic, so here's your writing prompt "how can I help somebody else use ALL OF THEIR POTENTIAL and become their best self?" Hopefully you guys take the time to think about it annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd act!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS MUCHO!! Do not worry about me or my will be fine

P.S somebody tell Connor Izatt happy birthday from me!!
And Landon and Shalee happy anniversary (don't ask me how I remember that because I really do not know xD)

Divisions with Elder Mendoza 

First conference with the Whitesides 

High fives with Jair-bear from afar!

Mucho Galvez

I was really excited

Sebastian and his cousin Santiago


We were allllll really excited 

Noche de hogar with Jose and Luisa.......playing bean boozled and relating the beans to Satan's temptations

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV WAY TO STUDY (Luisa bought the storybook for me while she was in Ecuador)


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