Monday, June 18, 2018

Random Opportunities (week 86)

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY FAAAAM!!!! How are all of you!!! Espero que todo este muy bien!!!!

Before I begin this email I just wanna say I SURVIVED!!! The volcano is really getting grumps!! We woke up at 4 in the morning on Tuesday to a pretty big earthquake.....they said it was the about the same size as the one in Guatemala but it didn't last as long so it didn't do nearly enough damage......buuut still about 3 people died. And ever since then we have had little mini earthquakes about everyday....usually in the night!!! But I think it's soo rad!!!! 

This week we decided to work in the other area a little's sooooo difficult!!! Just finding directions and directions and that's super hard!!! But we are meeting a ton of really interesting people that could easily progress.....just gotta find them

My companion is doing really good!!! He's a really good kid that really wants to WORK HARD!!! I have gotten to know him a little bit more......he was a little LOCO before the mission and to make a lot of changes in his life. I don't know, part of me feels like missionaries that understand those kinds of things are better, they wanna help people from the disaster known as "the world" more than others.....and I like that!!! 

I have been helping Hermana Sandras daughters learn English and I have learned A TON about all the English tests that foreign students have to take to enter's pretty interesting!!!

On Saturday we had an activity to help earthquake victims from villages in the mountains and homeless Venezuelans!!!! We made sancocho......and Elder Escaray and I were set to go and deliver that food....buuuuut no "we don't have enough room in the trunk"  and what ended up happening is that the group of members that was supposed to come clean the church just kinda didn't we helped Hermana Carolina do that!!! Annnnnnd of course a little nina from the barrio was getting baptized.....BUT NONE OF THE MEMBERS FILLED THE FONT!!! Sooo yeah we spent our entire Saturday cleaning the church, filling the font and making an agenda for the baptism (and of course I HAD TO LEAD THE MUSIC......IDK HOW TO LEAD MUSIC) and Hermana Ruby randomly showed up with a record player that she bought from a garage sale!!! She showed how it worked by playing "I will always love you" and all of us jovenes were FASCINATED!!! Buuuut all is well because random opportunities to serve are radical.

Today was Elder Allphins birthday and Hermana Lidia went all out....and she even planned to egg and flour him (typical birthday tradition here) buuuut he didn't like that and literally got all changed into some of Joses extra clothes and then left.....WHOOPS πŸ˜ buuuuut we also played soccer today and I feel like I did decent (totally scored some goals and made big latinos that think that they all that fall down) soooooo WINNING!!!

Buuuuut yeah that's pretty much all I got for this week!!! It was fun but exhausting!! Keep being good cause I'm still sharpening my saw!!!


A cool sunset I found 

The Pasto stadium 

Not sure which is better looking that hair, smile, or stadium
(Definitely the smile. The boy needs a haircut!)

Brushing my teeth

Cooking for some homeless venezolanos  

 My dork comp and I 

Hermana Ruby's sweet record player

 I want a record player to play before church!!!

 Elder Allphin's birthday party today

Throwing the eggs and flour (poor kid ran outta his party mad hahahah) 

Love these kids!!!

The fish that I bought for Hermana Ruby (she has a giant radical fish tank ) the white one is Elder Escaray and the Multicolored one is Elder Olsen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Monday, June 11, 2018

Improvement and Excitement (week 85)


Its been a crazy week.....really long but it's cool that I can finally write about it!! Monday night I picked up my new companion, his name is Elder Escaray (Es-KAH-Rye But with a Spanish "R" not an ingles one) and he his from Bolivia!! He has 21 years and has about about 7 months in the mission....he's really cool though and totally down to work, soooo I can't really complain!

Buuuut because the other companionship of Ecuadorians left, I am currently working my area and OPENING ANOTHER ONE!! It's kinda insane my area is literally so huge and the other Elders didn't really leave us any records in their area book so yeah, its greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!!! But my companion is all kinds of excited to work hard....which is good, it motivates the crap outta me and right now I really need that!!

We also had to change pensionistas because Hermana Sandra lives closer to us and she was already in the payment system, so that's been a little bit of a change too!!! But really it's just more people to meet and love!

My companion and I have made it a big deal to start working with the youth here.....a lot of them are mission age but don't have too much interest...we will change that by inviting them to come make visits with us! It's gonna be a great time and we are gonna get work done!!!

My companion is really great at teaching and has even made me think about how I need to improve.....its been a minute since I have felt that way!!! This last week I have had a ton of motivation to really get going on my scripture and language study....obviously I have been doing those things, but I could always put a little more effort in!!!! I am sure there will be a lot of improvement this next transfer!!! And I am excited!!!!

Anyways that's about it!!! I know my letters are always short and sucky but I will write an UMA letter this week!!! pinky promise!!!


Here's a bunch of goofy pictures of Elder Escaray and I! 

Looking at my comps photos!! He took these of me. 

 (Okay THIS FACE! This picture makes me miss Garrett so bad! This is the face he would make when he was telling me I am awful or annoying, which sounds mean but it is terms of endearment between us hahaha! I still write "from your awful sister" at the end of each letter I write to him. Dang I miss this kid!) 

Loofey loves Elder Escaray

Karl's rooster also loves my comp

Monday, June 4, 2018

It Will All Work Out (week 84)


Before I begin I just wanna say that I SURVIVED MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE!!! On Tuesday, it was a 4.3 earthquake......and everybody is freaking out because the volcano is like super active right's fine though. (Oh okay Garrett...if you say so! Honestly, I'm just happy he didn't say that the earthquake was dank.) 

The week consisted of the usual.....I am lucky though I have a really good district leader and really chill Zone leaders that have helped me through the transfer.......Buuuuuut I am happy to say that I will be staying here in BACHUE!!! However my 3 comps have left and I will be trading them for a Bolivian comp....I don't know much about him and I keep forgetting his name because it's kinda complicated but I am excited, it should be good!!!

Hermana Ruby and the bishop weren't sure which of the 4 would be leaving soooo they offered to have an asado for us on was awesome!!! They are the best, Hermana Ruby is so cool, but I am not sure if she is still gonna be my pensionista because both of the areas were combined!!! I hope so though.

We had a really cool actividad yesterday too!!! We went to parque infantil with a TOOOOON of members and we played world cup trivia with people, handed out wrapped up copies of the Book of Mormon, had prizes, and made contacts. Everyone from my group was from Bachue annnnnd teeeenaaaz!! Those members did a super good job contacting......I was supppper impressed and we were able to contact about 7 families and about 5 of them were from Bachue. But who knows how much ALL THE MISSIONARIES CONTACTED....I think a ton!

Sooooo yeah!!! I always sit there wondering why we have to go through things.....but Heavenly Father knows better than I do!!! I have learned a ton about patience and love during my mission.....only through hard times!!! So I don't really know how it works....I just know that if you put in faith and trust it will all will work out!!!

I love you guys tons!!! Keep killing it.....remember I am sharpening my sierra always!!!!


Yaaaay for surviving earthquakes and possible volcano explosions!!!

This is the Rodriguez family.....Hermano Freddy is the one that looks and acts just like Steve Harris!!!

 Elder Franco and Nicolas

Getting everything ready 

How we tried to get the fired started πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

 The bishop using his car painter air thing to start the fire!!!

Los misioneros de BACHUE 

 With Hermana Ruby, the bishop and their family

The missionaries and members during our World Cup contacting activity! 

 And wearing our Pasto Zone shirts (it's a guy with a Book of Mormon)

Elder Smith and I with our sign!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

REY BENJAMIN (week 83)


This week was kinda always!!! District meeting went as usual this whole week. Elder Allphin looked at our numbers and then went on a rant about how if we are obedient and doing what we need to be they will that's fun.

On Wednesday I went on divisions in Mariluz.....and it was the bestest!!!! I love that area sooooo dang much!!! I had a nice chat with Hermana Lidia......she was Elder Francos pensionista the last transfer and they have an interesting relationship hahahaha! We are also preparing my little brother to leave on his mission to Mexico!!! Soooo proud of Jose Manuel, he's gonna kill it!! I promised Lidia I would help him so I brought a pair of pants I never wore, some ties, a belt annnnnd wait for it, waaaait for old camera. I figured the only time I would use it again is if I get robbed.....Heavenly father has blessed me with a lot of resources so I must help others too!!

But the rest of divisions were super nice, I was able to see a bunch of people that I had taught, it's kinda weird but kinda super cool too!!! Elder Allphin is a beast too!!! He only has like 6 almost 7 months in his mission, but he is killing it big time!!! It was nice to learn from him.

Interviews this week were super good too!!! It's always good to sit down and just chat with President and Hermana Whitesides....they really are the best and always have the best advice even in the hardest of situations!!! Hermana Whitesides didn't only give me one package of welches fruit snacks......but I got three sooooo I guess I won!!! I was able to say Alma 26:22 almost perfectly. She asked what I like about the scripture and I was like "well this scripture is on my mission plaque sooo I really like that" hahahahahah buuut no it was super cool, we always analyze the scriptures that we learn like in a ton of depth so I always enjoy that.

K is doing great.......the last time I was there I watched him teach a dude from Russia English and it was the dankest thing ever......I want to get paid 25 bucks an hour just to ask somebody to repeat their vowels to me......que chevere seria!

We also have transfers this next I will be waiting "patiently" for that.

I had a really sweet study session this week......I read the beginning of Mosiah, and King Benjamin is always my favorite. His teachings are just super dank and so appropriate for all my current situations soooo that's always helpful. (Apparently the word dank is just here to stay. If you've been following Garrett's blog you know I've tried to make it stop but unfortunately it looks like that isn't going to happen!) If you guys aren't doing what you should be and are not reading the Book of Mormon it's saw is currently waiting for you.

Anyways, love you guys!!! Hope you guys have a super chill week!!!


 My comp really likes cows i guess.....πŸ˜‚

Unpacking My Adjectives: Bachue
Heeey fam! Soo I am finally getting around to writing a handwritten letter about Bachue. It's very different from Mariluz but it's still super chill. 

La Casa:
Okay, we live in a super nice apartment complex in miditayo alto (the mountains...we live in the mountains). The apartment complex is super nice, it has two towers of thirteen floors, a nice soccer court, playground, and even its own convenience store. We live on the 12th floor of one of the towers and its cool, we have a great view! The architecture of these towers is super Colombian and uses skylights and windows to light all 13's interesting. Our apartment is about the same size as any office apartment in the mission, but it's super modern and has a nice view. 

Another big difference here is that four missionaries live here and we share our apartment with Elder Colorado and Elder Marquez. Elder Colorado is from Guayaquil and Elder Marquez is from Esmeralda. So all three of the people I live with are from Ecuador...which is hard. 

The Area:
Our area is huuuuge! So big! Our area consists of Barrios, Bachue, Caicedo Alto, Caicedo Bajo, Quito Lopez, Niza, Chapal, and it even goes farther into the other direction into Barrios like Caracha, Las Americas, Aire libre and so on. I don't even think I've been to half of my area because it's so big. The problem is that we live on the opposite side of the other area, so we have to walk a ton to make it on time, buuut it's all good. Just like Mariluz our area consists of a lot of mountain. We hike up and down all day long...I've said it before and I'll say it again, Grandpa Olsen has nothing on me!

The Pensionista:
Our pensionista is named Ruby and she is the wife of Bishop Quelal and she and her family are awesome! She cooks pretty good favorite thing that she has made was sancocho de pascado. She has five kids and they are super cool. Her daughter Carolina and her son Nicolas eat with us everyday and we get into the most interesting conversations sometimes. It's a blast, I like it!

The Ward:
The ward is super cool! A lot of people are super cool! The weird thing about Bachue is that it's super close to Mariluz and everybody knows everybody and talks about everybody, so it's cool. 

Sooo yeah, I don't really know what else to write haha but that's Bachue! I hope this was helpful for you guys to get to know my area better!

 This is where all the action desk!

Our study room 

Study room and kitchen 


Our closet room

Our bathroom 

 Our shower

Our room 

The view from our room (if you look in the top right corner you can see the old abandoned stadium....people race motocross up there) 

The view from the study room

 All the apartments from the hallway

And the skylight that lights them 

 The creepy hallways

Our front door 

And our building (on the left)