Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Whatever may come, ENJOY IT!!! (week 90)

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!! I hope that you are all doing well......just wanted to write real quick to let you all know THAT I DID NOT DIE!!! hahaha (Garrett couldn't write us on Monday because he was traveling to his new area!)

This last week was really good!!! It kinda sucked cause I had a really strong feeling that I would be leaving, but we ended with a lot of fun memories. I helped my comp buy some soccer cleats.....he had been wanting some for basically forever and his shoes that he was using to play were trashed, soooo that was fun!

We also cooked a ton of food our last Sunday, and I loved that! Turns out Bolivian food is pretty chill!!! And then we got the transfer call.....Elder Escaray is staying in Bachue as the district leader TRAINING (I'm so happy for him....his gringito is gonna have a bomb training)!!! and I got called to "La Graciela" Tulua as a district leader serving side by side with Elder Castillo from Lima Peru, he's pretty cool!! He has 9 months in the mission so that's chill!!! Hermana Sandra cooked us breakfast before we left and told me all about how much she loves me and hopes that I do well.....Elder Escaray and her both encouraged me that I need to enjoy whatever happens....and I will, its very likely that I will be ending my mission here in Tulua and I refuse to end it the way that it started. Yes, it has been hard leaving everything to come here (MY MISSION WAS IN THE SOUTH HAAHAHAHAH) buuuut I am excited to meet new people and have new experiences....it will be good.

I had my first district meeting today.....and my district is pure Hermanas hahaha! It was a little weird, I haven't seen a sister missionary since my first transfer in Popayan.....ya know like 11 months ago!!! But it went well considering I didn't plan anything because I got to my house at like 11 last night hahaahah!!! 

Anyways, don't have a ton of time left.....I would love to write more BUUUUUUT I don't know anything about my comp or area, sooo I will get back to you guys tomorrow!!! (Uhhh...I think he means next week ha!)

Stay rad,

Me and my girl MALFALDA hahahaahah 

Pasto from the Panamericana (the main road)

Literally exploded the fry sauce eveeeerywhere hahahaah 

Took this child to try his first Monster 

Goofing around (obviously I was drinking a Fanta hahaha)

 My comp helping us make cookies


Making cookies with Hermana Ruby 

Lol I tried xD

 Another photo with my girl MALFALDA

With the Salazaar family signing my flag 

This is what Hermana Salazaar's hair salon looks like

Hermana Ruby made us fish......que rico!!! 


Helping my comp make Bolivian peanut soup and milanesa  

 Elder Escaray should be a chef

 Packing :(

Saying goodbye!!! Love this kid!

 My new district here in Tulua

Monday, July 9, 2018

Progress (week 89)

HEY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMILIA!!! ¡¿QUE MAS?! Espero que todo este bien en los estados unidos de MURICA!!!! 


I had divisions with Elder Allphin and he literally PASSED THE SHARPEST SAW to all of my investigators....we have a really chill investigator named C (her daughter is a member) and Elder Allphin was trying to get her to say a prayer and he was like "Hermana can you talk" and obviously she was like "well yeah" and he was like "okay we are listening" and then he put his head down and folded his arms BAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!! But hey it worked!! Elder Allphin just has this way of being super direct but super likeable too, and I totally like it!!!

But this week we visited J again....and her insane bible bashing neighbor just happened to not be there, so we were able to teach the restauracion and she is super interested.....it's just that the church is kinda far and she has two kids.....I even offered to make them sandwichs to try to get them to come (gotta do whatcha can hahaha) BUT SHE PROMISED ME that this next week they would come, soooooo veremos! 

K and his wife literally bought a house in Pereira which is literally on the border of our mission on the Medellin side.....sooo yeah he's struggling to decide if he's gonna move or not!! But Elder Allphin and I did a really good job of passing him the saw. He always says he can't read for time so we read for ten minutes with him and we stopped in the middle of the chapter to take a minute to ponder the things we have learned, and how we can apply them. He learned real fast that you don't need to take a lot of time with the scriptures to get a lot of help from them :) I love K I want him to get married and baptized like ASAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!

This week was super chill because my comp and I literally have stayed up super late basically every single night just talking about life and spiritual stuff and I dig that!!! Our relationship is going good!!!

Interviews this week were bomb.....kinda stressful but it's all good!!! I had a really good conversation with President about my area and how we are struggling a little bit and he gave us some good advice, but we also talked about my companion, and I made sure that he knew that I have been doing a lot better this transfer and that I want to stay......but I only have 2 transfers left sooo we will see. I'm kinda stressed about transfers but I know that everything will work out the way that it needs to be. I have had my fair share of hard transfers and some fun ones too!!! But something I have learned REAL WELL during my mission is that everything works out the way it needs to be.....for my progress!!! And I have progressed, and progressed, and progressed so I am happy!!! We will see how transfers go sSunday!!!

Anyways my querido famila!!! I love you so much, I hope you have the best week EVVVVVVA!!!!

Su Elder Favorito,

During divisions Elder Allphin and I ordered pizza (but not gross Colombian pizza....super expensive American like pizza) 

I rock my comps glasses 

Don't ask

Carolina's birthday cake 

 Carolina's birthday party (she turned 20 this week......I told her all about how old she is and she was like "you have LIKE 3 WEEKS LEFT!") 

Her parents obviously love her 

 Is the NES remix literally not the raddest thing!?!! And to think that there is a SNES remix now 😱

Our zone BBQ/Soccer session today!!!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Different Ways of Thinking (week 88)

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY FAMILIA!!!! ¿Que Mas? Espero que esten muy bien.

This week was good....kinda hard during some parts buuuuuut it was good!!! It alll kind of went down when we went to district meeting on Tuesday and Elder Allphin passed his sharpest saw about how the district needed to find new investigators....and he basically set a district goal for 10 new investigators in every area. Needless to say we spent basically our entire weeks studying our 2 area books (because you know I am working two areas) finding people that we felt we be good to get in contact with. Not gonna lie it was kinda stressful......but we were able to meet some very interesting people.....and who knows maybe some of them will progress, we will see!!!

We found one girl that lives in the same apartment complex as K, her name is J and she is really chill but her 15 year old neighbor decided to join us on our "how to begin teaching" lesson, and she totally wanted to bible bash us hahahaha!!! She had a lot of interesting ideas......but we will be back on Tuesday all ready to teach the restoration.......I'm stoked!!!

We went back to that one reference family that Hermana Jessica Salazaar gave us....but the dad was really honest about reading the Book of Mormon in a "critical way" and yeeeeeeeah that's exactly why he wasn't progressing. We were very clear that he needed to read with real intent REALLY WANTING TO KNOW if these things are true...the next time that we went he told us about how he felt that he had researched things enough!!! Makes me sad, but everybody has their own agency!!!!

Hermana Sandra (my pensionista) and I have been having a lot of deep conversations lately. She always has me draw pictures of random things and then reads my mind based on how I drew.....I think it's radical!!! She taught me a really big lesson this week, we have been given such a big gift....THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST!! And when we don't offer the same love to other people that he gave us (by forgiving them) it's a lot harder for us......we don't progress as fast as we could because we aren't thinking about how our Savior would treat other people!!! And I'll be honest that's something that I could work on....IT'S SOMETHING THAT I AM GOING TO WORK ON!!! Other people deserve to feel the love that our Savior has for us.....through us.

We were also teaching a less active member this week and I liked something that he said "the most important prayer that we could have is in our hearts" annnnd yeah!!! I agree....it's one thing to kneel down and pray and tell Heavenly Father how much you love him......buuut it's whole other ball game when we are CONSTANTLY thinking about him.......when we are using our faith and our agency to show him how much we love him.....how much we NEED him!!! Just something I have been thinking about lately.

My companion has taught a lot this last little bit too, I wouldn't say that we are the perfect companionship.....sometimes we get into little disagreements but the difference is that we both always go back to forgiving each other and working hard.........and I like that!! 

JOSE IS LEAVING FOR MEXICO......I'm kinda sad about it!!! Buuut Hermana Lidia made sure that I would be able to see him before he left and she made us lunch this week!!!! He's gonna kill it!!! She invited us to his farewell party Saturday so I will be asking permission this week to go (FINGERS CROSSED) I'm so proud of him!! He's so ready and hes gonna kiillllllllllllllllllll the mission!!!

BUUUUT yeah family that's about all that I have!! I hope that you are all doing well.....I am thinking about you guys a lot and hope you are well!!!



 Making dedos de queso with the Salazaar family

My comp and I with Manchas 

 Me and my comp always steal each others cameras and take good looking selfies hahaha

 This is what a typical "after a long day" night looks like hahaha

 Eating lunch (soy guapo)

 Don't ask hahahah

Not sure what it is about Pasto but I always just wanna take ten trillion photos of the city here!!!

 Little adopted brother is leaving for mexico next week 😭 

 So proud of him!!!!

Look at my dorky district leader!!! Mucho Elder Allphin!!!