Monday, October 16, 2017

Becoming More Like Our Savior, Jesus Christ (week 51)

Heeeeeeey you guys!!!! This week was eeeeeeeeh. We had lots of bumps in the road and because of that we weren't able to get a ton of work's super rough, but it's life.

The first thing that went down is Elder Monserrate has been having a ton of issues with his stomach and his nose. Soooooo yeah, we had to go to a doctor and we are gonna have to go to some more so he can get some tests done so we can find and fix the problem.

Buuuuuut zone confrence was really good....I was a little disappointed because the saw DID NOT make an appearance but Hermana was quick to teach us that we need to be passing the saw.....con amor xD hahahahaha!! We just talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can more effectively apply and teach it in our lives. It was really interesting. They also brought some of the secretaries....and Elder Robinson (our secretary of materials) had an interesting power point, he talked about how when we break things in our apartments they need to know about it. He then showed us a picture of a broken shower head....which I quickly recognized....and I just turned right around and stared at Elder Brizuela....cause that shower head was in Ciudad Modelo.....and he broke it xD We were trying so hard not to laugh....we didn't do a good job though and Elder Robinson made us read the next slides of the power point hahahahahahaha! I also got my package!!! Thank you guys...I opened it briefly but after looking at a few of the contents I sealed it back up.....hahaha I will open that the 25th! (Garrett has been out a year on the 25th!!! Wahoo! So we sent him a hump-day package to celebrate!)

But yeah this week we just tried to find all of references because our current investigators really just are not progressing, the majority of them are not married and cannot progress :( We didn't really have luck finding our references this week either.....and our numbers were sooooo awful ugggh, I am sure that i am gonna hear about it from Elder Torres tomorrow.

Hahaha another somewhat funny/embarrassing thing happened! So the other Elders in the ward had a baptism and Elder Quispe and I were called to witness....naturally as a witness I was paying attention to the kid who was being baptized, mostly his body (because that is literally usually the only problem) and I guess Elder Quispe was doing the same thing because we didn't catch that the guy who was baptizing was using his left hand.....annnnd Presidente Chavaro very much passed the saw.....but not with amor xD that's the thing people don't realize....just because I am a missionary does not mean I AM NOT PERFECT, I have literally only had the higher priesthood for what? A year? Those things take time and learning.

That is something I have thought about this week.....we aren't perfect. We aren't sinless but through the gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ we can learn everything we need to know. We can become more like our Savior. It's hard, and it takes patience but its so doable, and I think we need to be consistently repenting, trying and thinking about how we can do the things that we need to do to become more like him!!! Just some thoughts from this week!!!

Hope all is swell, love you all
Elder Olsen

 This Wagua was so proud of his bubble handwriting hahahah

(Also notice how his hand is on his chest cause he was like that all week long)

We got bored waiting for a baptism so here's a random picture of a centipede and a flower hahahaha 

A cool park that we found while exploring at the centro today!! 

 More photos of this cool park

 annnnnd more

 One more of this park

This is what the centro looks like 

 Popayan has the nickname "white city" for a reason.

 One more of the centro

 The wheels on the bus go round and round

Hermana Francia made us salchipapas today!! Noooooom noooom!

MY RAD PLAN!!! (week 50)

HEEEEEY FAAAAAM!!!! How's it hanging....I hope everything is just going daaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy!!!!

My week was really good.....really long but it was good. We had a lot of our appointments fall this week which meant walking....walking.....annnnnnd more walking!!! Gotta love it!! We contacted a bit this week and we got some references so hopefully we can find some people that are super ready to listen and keep commitments....but yeah that's about it for this week, it wasn't super exciting!!!

P-day was fun today...we went down to the Americas chapel and played soccer...last week I killed it (I have scrapes and scabs to prove that), this week I wasn't really feeling it so I didn't try super hard hahahah! Elder Corbett told me how good I am getting at soccer though so that was cool!!! After that it started POURING rain!!! It's kinda starting to be a problem because my hearing aid needs to be super dehumidified literally every second of everyday and ugggggggggghhhhhhhh, it's not fun.

My companion is good....he doesn't know how to budget so I get to pay for everything until we get paid this Friday :/

I am actually looking really forward to the next little bit BEEEEEEEEEECAUSE we have zone conference this should be good, I am hoping to see the saw again!!! And then the week after that we have interviews soooo that should be good.

After conference I got thinking about it....and I read all of our mission newsletters and I really just feel like I need to go more in the Book of Mormon, I haven't studied the scriptures much in my mission because I feel like I HAVE to read them in Spanish and reading them in English doesn't help me.....but its easier to read in English (it's a dumb rant I know) but my Spanish is good enough now so I really don't have an excuse. So I decided to finish the same challenge I had for the priest quorum and finish it in 2 months (schedule can be found on internet)!!! I think we should do it as a family it could be way rad, but basically I am gonna try my hardest to really GET INTO the scriptures and prayer and really learn how to find answers and revelation and it's gonna be super chill!! 

Buuuuuut yeah that's basically it...sorry this letter was kinda really CHICHI!!! I will try to have something interesting to write about next week and with pictures too buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut we will see :)


 I was just waiting for him to fall in the river hahahahhah 


Monday, October 2, 2017

Christ In Every Conversation (week 49)

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! What's crack-a-lackin? Yo? Nothing too exciting here to be honest!!!

Soooooo I have a few details about my new companion that I am sure you would all like to know!! He is from Guyaquil Ecuador, he is 22 years old and really wants to join the military and he has 5 months in the mission.....soooo yeah there is a chill introduction to Elder Monserrate hahahahahah

Really nothing too exciting went down except for CONFERENCE!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Conference might as well be like a preparation weekend I love it sooo much. I mostly chilled with Elder Marks this entire weekend.....he is a chill kid and I can totally rant to him with no shame so it's all good hahahah but for only like 3 months he speaks CRAZY good Spanish...I am jealous buuuut yeah.

So here are some brief thoughts from conference (I didn't bring my notes so here is just what I can remember from the top of my head)

Bonnie Oscarson totally was SAVAGE and every single youth should read that talk.....twas raaaaaad!!!

There was a talk from the priesthood session that I loved too!! About how we have doubts but and THAT'S OKAY, as long as we are focusing on the things that we know to be true. Too many people fall away from the church because they do not have a perfect testimony.....but as far as I am concerned there is no such thing....everyone has doubts!!!

Tad R Callister......yeah he was SAVAGE and told it like it was as well.....I literally watched that talk thinking to myself "true," "trrruuuuuuuuuuue," "SAVAGE," "ugggggh soooo true" hahahahahahah!

I also thought it was interesting during Henry B. Eyring talk......he talked about how he had been reading the Book of Mormon everyday for FIFTY YEARS......TEEEENAAAAAZ......but he decided to take President Monson's challenge anyway, ¿que chevere no?

Elder Wilson's mom joined us for conference!! She is the one that sent you guys pictures. She and Brother Wilson are here cause they picked Elder Wilson up from the mission so now they are just kinda exploring.....kinda cool!!! She was really nice and shared her thoughts with us and gave us suckers sooooo winning hahahhaa

I am not gonna lie, in the beginning of the week I was really worried WHY? Because Elder BRIZUELA is now in my district....and yeah district meeting it was beyond obvious that he was talking some crap and at first that kinda bothered me.....but I just decided to kinda shake it off....I am not gonna let things that happened like forever ago get in my way...and I didn't!! We actually had a really nice conversation and talked about our last conference and some funny things that happened in Ciudad Modelo and a bunch of other random's just better to not let little things bother you!!!

Which is why I am going to do it again. Elder Torres (my new District Leader) always loves to come up to me and tell me all about how I need study my Spanish and how I shouldn't be talking to my gringo friends because that's not helping me and all about how this gringo speaks perfect Spanish and X,Y and Z!! Rather then letting this bother me I'm going to use it for motivation.....I am actually pretty confident in my Spanish.....I just don't have perfect pronunciation and a Latin accent...why? Because I am from the USA and I speak English hahahah! buuuuut I'm going to learn, the haters gonna hate hate haaaaate but I'm just gonna shaaaake shaaaake shake SHAKE IT OFF!!!!!

Soooo yeah as you can see it has been quite a week, lots of growing and learning!! I was talking to Elder Marks today and he said something that I loved!!! "It doesn't matter if somebody says something rude or mean to you if you are constantly thinking about Christ in every conversation." Teeeeeenaz wise words from a very good missionary and that's something that I'm going to start I do that but I DON'T THINK about it, and I think it's something that you have to have a constant effort to do.....and as we do it we can become better and more Christlike people......just something to think about :)

I love you all soooo much!!! Make good your scriptures and do the things that you know to be true!!!

Elder Olsen

 With Elder Monserrate

 Waiting for the District Center to open up to watch conference

Conference Gringo crew!!!

This is the picture Sister Wilson sent us! So fun getting a random picture of our missionary!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

CONFERENCE TIME!!! (week 48)

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY FAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! HOW'S LIFE.......I hope life is going swell for you guys!!!

Soooo before I get typing about how the week went I should write about TRANSFERS!!! And it ended CRAZY!! So last night I was chilling....just writing in my journal when PRESIDENTE WHITESIDES called...I answered and he asked me to pass the phone to Elder I put the phone on speaker phone (savage) and I passed the phone to Elder Chacon and President told him something like this "Elder chacon I know that you have never been a senior comp or a district leader but together with the lord I have felt impressed that you need to be a ZONE LEADER" TEEEENAZ NO? Sooo yeah Elder Chacon is an LZ in Cali now.....I am so proud of him!! I am gonna miss him here in Recuerdo Norte peeeeeeeeeeeero I have a companion TAN CHEVERE his name is Elder Monserrate....he's pretty new in the mission we were together in Pasto and he was in training during that time....but hes really excited which makes me excited :D

Our baptisms didn't work out :( Fernanda told us that she wanted Karolina to have a 1st Communion (her family is super catholic its more of a tradition thing) but she believes that the CHURCH IS TRUUUUE!!! She just needs a little more time....I am not worried about her, we got this!!! The sisters had some investigators that they were able to help get married and baptized the next day.....we had a lot of fun and felt the spirit a lot at both events......tan chevere los batismos :)

We didn't have a super successful week this week....unfortunately but I have high will all work out.....we have "UN POCO" bit of investigators that can progress.....YO TENGO LA FE!! TENGO TODO LA FE!!!

Do you know what time it is? CONFERENCE TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME FUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDGE FREAKING YEAH!!! I have already been planning with Elder Corbett and Elder Marks all the snacks imma bring hahahahaha buuuut foreals I am STOKED! I have lots of questions for this conference and imma be taking notes and listening real carefully....that's my challenge to you do the same, but I want you to remember something that I wrote last week......"we can't receive revelation if we don't have questions." Write some questions down and be thinking about them during conference it will make the experience ten times more radical.......and that's pretty radical!!

Sorry this was time got cut because I had to pick up my comp from the bus terminal. More pictures and information about him to come soon!!!


 Distrito Recuerdo

 Here comes the bride....all dressed in white

We are the biggest dorks bahhaahhahaha 

Which is more beautiful.....the flor or me?

 Messing around in the back of Hermano Favian's gas truck

 Baptism of the hermanas

Cleaning and getting all the bugs outta the font (not sure if pictures like this are allowed but everyone has them)

 This is my "FUDGE YEAH BAPTISM" face.


The missionaries of Recuerdo Norte

 With Laura (Christians Niece)

With Karolina (Christians daughter) 

 Karolina loves taking photos

Mi querido familia Benitez :)

 More with my favorite family!!!!