Monday, August 7, 2017


HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEYYYYY YOU GUYS!!!! Hows it hanging? Espero que todo bieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen :)

This week was pretty good....last Monday we went to a family home evening with Yamilet and the Morales family. At the end Yamilet was like "and we are all here for a very special purpose......ELDER OLSEN'S BIRTHDAY" and I was just "¿QUE?" Sooo yeah we had a pizza party...and then the next day we went to Lidias for lunch and she had streamers and tostis (THE BEST CHIPS NOMMMMM NOM NOM) and cake for me.....and then she was like "with respect to God....and to you and to your companion" I didn't understand the next part but after that she walked up and gave me a kiss on my cheek......cant even xD So yeah my 19th ending with 4 different parties so I guess it was a good birthday....I guess!!

I was able to go to my doctors hearing aid is all good!! She didn't have me tested instead she let me pick my own hearing aid settings based on my old ones bajajajajajajajaja not sure that's allowed but i'm not complaining I HAAAAAAAAAATE those tests.

As far as the work goes it didn't really go really great this week. It was a harder week for finding and teaching new investigators and we have a lot of investigators, buuuut it has been a challenge getting them all to progress....algun dia!! Yo tengo fe.....YO TENGO TODA LA FE!!!! The family Santacruz is progressing great going to church and everything.....except for the youngest daughter PERO she told me that I made a REALLY good impression when I talked about everything Japan soooo yeah winning.

Pricilla...well that's complicated, they are never home and when we asked Johanna about it she was like "well you muchachos know that we are never home sooo yeah" soooo yeah that's that!!

Yamilet still is waiting for her husband to accept a date buuuuuut she has been talking to us a lot about having Daniel be baptized....I don't know!! She's the type of investigator that will introduce all her friends to the gospel, give them our pamphlets, tell them all about how shes a Mormon and the church, but she wont accept a date!!! Like I said before FEEEEE YO TENGO TODA LA FE!!!!

This week was really rough for the ward because Jorge Torres had a really big surgery and his head was cut open and he turned purple and yeah lots of things :( I love the Torres family every time we go to their store Hermana Torres is always "muchachos you can have this for free...and this for free....and this for free!" They literally are the best family and everybody is worrying about them :( sooo yeah, everyone including us fasted for them :)

Today was literally the BEST PDAY EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER!!! We hiked to the cross!! (Literally every city with mountains in this country has a cross i swear.) Buuuut it was a HARD hike....part of the trail was pure stairs....part of the trail was straight mountain and didn't have a was rough!! Elder Florez and I were side by side the entire time....and we were the first ones to the top....well the first missionaries in the group anyway...we had a little bit of members with us. On the way down we didn't take the trail we went another way straight down the mountain and it was a blast. Elder Corbett had to catch me a few times hahahaha otherwise I would have died!!! But it was a blast!!!

This week I bought the New Testament storybook and I have been studying the CRAP outta the Bible....I love it sooo much!! I love studying with the storybooks because it doesn't start in the starts at the part that the Bible should have started in. It's great, I learned all about Mary and Elizabeth and how they were pregnant together, and how Mary visited Elizabeth for months and months, and about Jesus in his childhood and how they had to take him to Egypt because king Herod was freaking dumb, and how they went back and how they lost Jesus one day but they found him teaching and XY and Z....the point I am trying to make is WHEN YOU REALLY MAKE AN EFFORT to not only learn the scriptures but anything about the gospel....YOU WILL LEARN THE GOSPEL...because I couldn't tell you a bunch of that the other week tbh xD There are way too many people that have this "God isn't real attitude" without trying. We can't learn the mysteries and the things that we need to if we don't put in our effort. That being said CHALLENGE make some goals about your scripture reading...and MAKE THE EFFORT...because if you do you will learn the things you need to know and receive divine revelation...I know that to be true.


The birthday Party that Hermana Lidia threw for me

 The pizza birthday Party that Hermana Yamilet threw for me

Helping some of the investigators of the leaders move

Hermana Lidia always buys me the bananas that have two in one peel (yes that exists) because she knows that I love them!!!

Fuuuuudge yeah gonna get my bible study onnnnnnn!

Yamilet fixing all of our ties

With Sebastian and Roger

The start of our hike


Love these Colombian mountains


"It's okay Elder Florez, podemos hacerlo"

The trail

Almost there!! The cross in the distance.


Goofing around!


"Okay say gringoooooo!"

Look at that good looking group!



Sonrisas :)

 Hermano Lucho going down the mountain

Elder Florez got a stick up his butt

With Elder Florez

Elder Leon totally broke his shoe xD

No comment :p

Love these people

Some weird sign in Pasto


My LZ is a dork!!

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